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Hamilton Pre-Trip Auto Check

Going out of town to visit family? Emptying out your storage unit down south? Headed north for some fishing? Before hitting the road, taking your car for a quick, pre-trip inspection is an important part in maintaining the safety of your vehicle while on the road. Having a safe, reliable vehicle increases the chances of you and your family arriving at your destination quickly and safely. Don't be THAT driver... the one that ignores or fails to do proper pre-trip inspections only to regret it later.

Our Hamilton Pre Trip Checks Auto repair covers every single part of the vehicle both inside and outside, from front and back.  It covers all the air brakes, suspension parts, steering components, wheels and rims, fuel tanks, batteries, lights, and more.

Our Hamilton Pre Trip Checks Car mechanic conducts a full inspection of the vehicle before driving. We do an in-depth inspection of the entire vehicle to detect any issue and give you a detailed summary of what needs to be done. We won’t do anything on your car without your permission.

Our mechanic experts will do the exhausting paperwork and all you have to do is get in your car and drive safely. We honour warranties and rest assured, we handle your car with care under a team of certified professionals. Hamilton Pre Trip Checks Car Repair is provided to maintain preventive measures for your vehicle.

For 20+ years, our team of certified mechanics has been doing full inspection and making outstanding service recommendations to all of our customers. It is our goal to give you the best and reliable service to be able to travel safely. 

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