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The “Who is Becky?” Unlimited

Auto Mechanic Services Contest

#whoisbecky & where is she?

WHEN: September 1, 2020 Tuesday

Overview: Everybody has seen the Becky sign but no one knows… is she real? We need your help to tell Hamilton on September 1, 2020 Tuesday that Becky is real. 

Win 1 year’s worth of auto mechanic services from Reliance Auto ($500 value) 

Other prizes you could win:

  • $120 gift certificate from LubeQuick

  • $ 50 gift certificate from Quick Wash

  • Car Care Package, Mugs, T-shirts, and coolers from Mobil One

How to enter:

  • Pick up a free “I know Becky” t-shirt at Reliance Auto while supplies last. 

  • On Tuesday, August 4, wear your t-shirt all over town. When you find an opportunity to snap a photo that can be best captioned with an original "Becky Sign" (Example #1: Becky says change the sign, #2 Being bossy is okay when you're Becky.  #3 Ask yourself what would Becky do?)

  • Upload your creative photo to Facebook. 

  • Tag Reliance Auto on Facebook


  • You must be wearing your t-shirt in the photo. 

  • You may upload only one photo per contest to each social media platform. For example, you can upload one photo to Facebook and tag Reliance Auto, and you can upload a different photo to Twitter.

How You’ll Win: 

The contest ends at midnight on August 4. Prizes valued over $700 will be awarded to the following photos snapped by Becky T-shirt wearers. The photos can win in any category:

  • The Most Photo Likes on Facebook

  • Most Unique Photo

  • Most Creative Photo

  • Becky's Favorite

Cost to Enter: $0

Next Contest Date: October 6, 2020


The “Who Is Becky?” T-shirt contest is a recurring event scheduled for the First Tuesday of every month. A new caption and various prizes will be awarded each month. Get your own t-shirt for unlimited monthly contest entries.

Learn More About Becky!




Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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