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What started off as an innocent sign created by Tim Sr. turned into a town mystery.

Now, everyone wants to know... is Becky a real person?


Becky, a proud Bitterrooter, graduated from Hamilton High in 1978. She attended the University of Montana and then moved to Wyoming, Texas. While working for the Forest Service at Nine Mile, she met her husband Tim and then went back to Montana, they began raising a family. 


They purchased LubeQuick in 1998 and Becky began helping out at LubeQuick. As much as possible she was giving directions to Tim and the crew and in between, she was also working as the Career Coordinator and Safety Director for the Hamilton School District. 


Aside from raising her 3 children (she sometimes says, Tim is her 4th) she is proud of being a part of the Hamilton Business Community and Hamilton Schools.


Recently, Becky retired from the school district into a career portion of her job to help even more as they have purchased Reliance Automotive. 


The “Becky sign” started 5 years ago, Becky told her husband Tim to change the sign in front of the shop. So he did and it read, ‘Becky told me to change the sign’. Since then, he made jokes about her on the sign every week and the sign has taken on a life of its own.


The infamous “Becky sign” has been making drivers headed northbound on the 93 laugh out loud for five years.


After all, Becky is a real person. She’s not a fictional character nor a town mystery anymore. And she’s been married to Tim for 40 years which is why his jokes don’t bother her at all. 

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